Discovering The Power of Clinical Pilates for Kids in Perth

August 11, 2012

Most of the parents are a worried lot these days since lack of activity, high consumption of fast food, increasing number of hours spent in front of the television or playing video games are leading to a sedentary lifestyle. This is the reason of various health problems in children.  Therefore, like adults, should children also follow a rigorous exercise regime to remain fit and healthy? The answer is positively ‘NO’. Children in their growing years are not able to take the impact of strenuous aerobics or cardiovascular exercises. The low-impact Kids Clinical Pilates offers an optimum activity to keep children fit and healthy. Clinical Pilates is also beneficial for children and teens who are athletes, gymnasts, learn dance, and participate actively in sports. It helps in recovery from injuries as well and is recommended for children diagnosed with autism.

The original Pilates program developed by Joseph Pilates was popular with performers and athletes. Over time, Kids Clinical Pilates, the modified version of Pilates has developed a universal approach and is being practised by everyone alike. Just like adults, kids also benefit from the power of Clinical Pilates.  The fundamental reason to adopt Pilates remains the same for all – to improve strength of muscles, correct posture and develop a strong core.

How different is Clinical Pilates for Kids from Adult Pilates

Clinical Pilates for kids is very similar to Adult Pilates. The only difference is in the approach and the equipment used. The equipment for Kids Pilates is age and size appropriate.

At Clinical Pilates, the single most important factor that defines the approach is FUN! We make the Pilates sessions fun filled, enjoyable and interesting so that children are involved and keep coming back. This is done by:

1)   Keeping it Simple: Clinical Pilates does not bog down children with Pilates vocabulary or equipment names. We have developed a separate naming convention for the exercises that kids can relate to like “Copy Cat”, “Jumping Monkey” “Hanging Bridge” etc. Similarly, it’s not easy for children to understand words like core, abdomen and pelvic floor. Clinical Pilates uses simple language that is childlike and easily understood.

2)   Peer to Peer Learning – Like other skills at school or home, peer-to-peer learning is the most influential and long-lasting one since kids are impressionable and learn better. So Pilates Perth groups children of equal capabilities together. Once in a week, Clinical Pilates will encourage children to teach each other the exercises they have mastered.

3)   Small Class Size – Individual attention is very important at Clinical Pilates since each individual is different from another and Pilates keeps the principle of Individual differences in the forefront. Individual capacity and abilities are taken care of and unwanted stress is avoided so that children do not lose interest.

4)   Bring out the benefits subtly – References to body image and weight control are not made at Kids Clinical Pilates. Direct benefits of improved posture, correct alignment and toned body are outlined in relation to daily real life experiences. How a fit mind and body can help in studies, school stage performance, competitive sport etc. Children emulate their role models like sports person, movie stars, performers etc. and it’s easier for them to relate to their fitness levels. Kids Clinical Pilates uses references of famous celebrities or sports persons to outline the benefits of a fit and healthy body.

4 Top Benefits of Clinical Pilates for Kids

Clinical Pilates is a fitness program that disciplines both mind and body. A strong core and a relaxed mind help children to lead an exciting, fun filled life without any stress. Let’s give a closer look at how this happens and 4 ways in which Kids Clinical Pilates achieves this.

1. Improves Flexibility, Balance and Co-ordination

Children are much more flexible than adults. Clinical Pilates can help boost this flexibility. By teaching them how to control their body, avoid faulty movements and improve sports skills. Stability balls, foam rollers, balance discs, rotational discs, etc. are used to improve the balancing, develop ability to complete complex tasks and improve muscular co-ordination for finer motor skills.

2. Corrects Posture

“Hunching over”, “lazy postures” etc. are something that children get over once they know the neutral spine, plumb line and correct alignment during Kids Clinical Pilates. Children learn how to move gracefully, bend correctly and avoid injury. It not only improves their efficiency while at school or play but also relieves them of the neck and back pain that they might have developed in adult hood.

3. Trains mind to Focus and Concentrate

“My child doesn’t sit still even for a while,” is a cliché that you hear from every other parent. This is children’s inherent quality. The attention span of children is very less. On the other hand, schooling requires lots of sitting at one place. A simple method to improve concentration that is naturally a part of Kids Clinical Pilates is counting your breath and make slow movements. Thus Clinical Pilates will help children to focus on a task. Working on individual body parts and muscles, strengthens the core and improves posture. This also helps in sitting for longer periods through classes at school.

4. Enhances Confidence and Awareness

Children are constantly growing and experiencing changes and developments in their body. Interactive sessions at Clinical Pilates educate children about the importance and principle of alignment and correct posture. Through Clinical Pilates, children gain awareness about their own body. Lots of “Why’s” and “How’s” are answered at Clinical Pilates, thus helping them deal with low self-esteem, poor body image, obesity and injury related issues. After regular Kids Clinical Pilates, the child exudes a new confidence and pride in his natural body type.